Flight of the Decade Pigeon

Ship Shopping
Sesson 1

Krikit, while digging for valuable junk in the Pit – Corellia’s premier pile of garbage – the Ewok uncovered a legless protocol droid (E-3PO) and a Togruta named Aw.

While attempting to leave with the droid, who proclaimed that he now belonged to Krikit, the trio were accosted by a crazed Duros who claimed E-3PO was his property. The droid opened fire as the Duros activate six junker battle droids. In the process, Krikit wrestled the droid controller from the mad Duros and handed it over to E-3PO who promptly used the droids to slaughter their former master and took ownership of them.

After a brief stop off at the workshop of artisanal starshipwright Melo Dar Melo to sell some of Krikit’s junk, the trio visited a local droid mechanic. Taking advantage of the language barrier between Krikit and the mechanic, E-3PO suckered 2,000 credits out of him as well as calling down the attention of the local police.

Keen to get off Corellia, the trio sought out a local loanshark by the name of Hokto Jor. Hokto was keen to sell a ZH-25 Questor freighter to the group, and traded it to them in exchange for their taking on a 100,000 credit debt payable over the next 3 years. The perfect passage off-world.

The session ends with the trio standing before their new ship, ready for their next step …

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