Hokto Jor

A Devaronian loan shark from Coronet City, Corellia.


An average looking Devaronian with a scarred, green face and one broken horn. His left arm is missing from the shoulder, replaced by a skeletal cybernetic arm. He stands over two meters tall and has a broad, imposing frame.


Hokto Jor is a loan shark and underworld figure who lives and operates out of Coronet City’s Blue Sector on Corellia. Some commonly-known facts about him include:

  • He was ‘in the Clone Wars’ but the details of this are unknown. As a result, he harbours a strong dislike of droids.
  • He sells used starships as well as giving large credit loans – and he has a reputation for tracking down those who don’t make the appropriate repayments.
  • He is commonly found in the Busted Clanker, a cantina in the Blue Sector of Coronet City where he occupies the back office.
  • He is known to occasionally trade in illicit goods, such as spice and other illegal goods.

Hokto Jor

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